How to reopen offices, welcome employees back again and safely offer corporate hospitality is at the forefront of many businesses’ minds.  As a result, we have seen an increase in inquiries for our Digital Concierge service, with many within B&I realizing it is a viable tech solution that enables them to provide corporate hospitality to meeting rooms, post-COVID.

Using tablet devices, Digital Concierge extends superior customer service into the meeting room, while ensuring social distancing is maintained and unnecessary human contact is minimized.  It allows attendees to order exactly what they want from a fully customizable menu. The order is then sent direct to the hospitality team, who prepare and deliver the items to the meeting room. 

Gone are the days of large pots of tea and coffee being made for everyone to share, and usually sitting cold and being poured out. Not only does the Digital Concierge reduce this waste, as drinks are made to order, it also allows for attendees to enjoy a vast array of drink options including lattes, cappuccinos and mochas.

The ordered items can be delivered outside the meeting room, ready for collection, meaning fewer people entering the space and helping reduce social interaction and maintain social distance.

It isn’t only hospitality needs that are addressed with Digital Concierge. The service also incorporates a fully customizable on-demand assistance menu – a bit like a virtual butler service. The aim is to ensure all areas of in-room services are covered, whether that be a change in temperature or help with IT support. Notification of the request is immediately sent to a mobile device and can be handled right away.

Removing the need for pre-prepared refreshments for every meeting not only reduces waste, but the concierge offers a 5-star experience for anyone using it – not only helping build revenue but impress at the same time. We believe it will help workplace hospitality to rebuild when offices are fully open once again.

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