Digital Concierge

Technology for Conference Centers, Meeting Rooms, and the C-Suite

Systopia’s Digital Concierge provides a high-tech cloud solution for first-class service to your highest profile customers, while reducing costs on hospitality services to conference centers and meeting rooms. Especially well-suited for post-pandemic return to work, Digital Concierge provides a safe, convenient way to customize and streamline the guest experience, whether a private executive lunch for four or a meeting for forty. Monthly subscription pricing makes Digital Concierge an affordable way to enhance your operation and delight your customers.


  • Increased guest satisfaction
  • Reduced food cost
  • Reduced food waste
  • Higher labor efficiency
  • Analytics for proactive room maintenance


  • Android-based paging and receiving devices
  • No Network needed / easy to deploy
  • Customizable requests for in-room services
  • On-demand ordering with automatic dispatch of orders to prep areas
  • Real-time management dashboard and analytics

Digital Paging

On-Demand Refreshments



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