5 star in-room services

Impress customers and stakeholders with superior service derived from Systopia’s Digital Concierge. Customizable to your on-site food and beverage services, the concierge in-room touchscreen tablet displays a menu for your guests to order their preferred refreshments at their convenience, enabling the meeting host to concentrate on the meeting in hand. In addition, the touchscreen allows the meeting host to page for ancillary services such as A/V, IT, or to alert that the meeting should not be disturbed.

Concierge Tablet

Extend superior customer experience into the meeting room, add an on-demand assistance menu. Remove the need for pre-prepared refreshments for every meeting and reduce waste. Available with a WIndows tablet or an android phone.

Key features

  • Refreshments on demand
  • Meeting room services
  • Customizable menus
  • 5 star experience

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