Self-Service POS

For 24/7 revenue opportunity

Systopia’s self-service POS is perfect, should you want to enjoy the benefits of an increased revenue stream. Sell 24/7 and offer a full range of amenities outside of normal hours, or maximize traffic flow and speed through restaurant facilities while delivering a seamless experience for both clients and colleagues. As you would imagine, our expertise ensures that a diverse range of peripherals can further enhance the essential self-service POS.

Self Service

Systopia’s expansive range of self service technology can accompany or completely replace a cashier-staffed POS. Innovation that allows a normal staffed station to easily convert to a self-checkout station automatically and without intervention is just the norm for Systopia and not the exception!

Key features

  • Sleek, modern, adaptable
  • Multi-layered security for data protection
  • Versatile through its accessory ecosystem

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