Good news in 2020 was hard to come by.  Yet for Systopia, a highlight in our company’s history occurred when Systopia was acquired by the Zucchetti Group, a global leader in software and IT solutions (  The union occurred just as the existence and extent of the coronavirus was being realized, and our enthusiasm to share the news was dampened as we watched many of our clients struggling with both the corporate and personal impacts of the pandemic. 

As the US is now starting to gradually emerge from many workplace restrictions, we wanted to share the news and begin introducing you to our expanded platforms.  We have worked closely with the Zucchetti Group for many years, and the acquisition enables us to market our products in new sectors, as well as develop more innovative new products for the corporate market.

2021 is here, finally, and we look forward to collaborating with you to discover which Systopia innovations could help your operation flourish in the post-pandemic environment:

  • mySYSTOPIA App:  Allows users to pre-order food, pay and collect loyalty points, all from their smartphone.
  • Pre-ordering:  Can be done online or at a self-service kiosk, enabling users to pre-order and pay for their food items, arrange a specific pickup time, or have the order delivered directly to their desks.
  • Scan & Go:  Customers can pick up and pay for an item by scanning the barcode on their smartphone, ideal for mini-markets and c-stores.
  • Self-service POS:  Sell 24/7, as customers can pick pre-packaged items and pay for them at self-service kiosks at any time of day.
  • Cashless Vending:  An RFID reader installed on a new or existing vending machine enables users to tap their employee ID badge and pay via prepaid account or payroll deduction. 
  • Label & Barcode Management:  Eliminates the need to print labels from third-party systems.

To get started, here’s a short video on mySYSTOPIA:

We love to chat, so please feel welcome to contact us for a discussion of your technology needs:  

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