For workplaces looking to manage their spaces in an intelligent and efficient way as we emerge from pandemic restrictions, tech solutions may well hold the key. With social distancing now the norm within the workplace, technology that enables facilities managers, employees and visitors to manage the space in a smart and safe way are in demand.

Infinity ZWorkspace is the Zucchetti solution that allows you to check availability and book desks, workstations, meeting rooms and even parking spaces in a simple and intuitive way. In the post-pandemic environment, Infinity ZWorkspace means capacity within an office space can be easily monitored, any cross contamination from users sharing desk space is completely eliminated and virtual or face-to-face meetings can be held in a controlled environment.

The technology is web based and also available on mobile devices, with an app to complete bookings and also to check in / check out.

It’s the ideal solution for companies that share an office building with other organizations and co-working spaces that are popular amongst the self-employed and freelancing communities.

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