With greater emphasis on individually wrapped, pre-packaged food items post-pandemic, due to the enhanced hygiene they offer, foodservice providers are facing increased labor on something quite simple, but time consuming – labeling.

Labeling pre-packaged items such as sandwiches, salads and sushi boxes is something food outlets have long had to manage. However with a sharper focus on hygiene and safety, and many providers looking at increasing “to-go” convenience options, the volume of pre-packaged foods is going to increase. And therefore, so will the volume of labels.

Most labeling and barcode systems are standalone, meaning operators need to input product information twice: once in the POS system and then into the labeling system, rather than entering the information just once. Given many food outlets sell hundreds, if not thousands, of items this can be a time consuming and arduous task. Plus, if there are any changes to the items sold or new items added, the information needs to be added to both the POS system and the labelling system. It’s double the workload.

To solve this, we’ve developed our own integrated Label and Barcode Management module. The module is a plug-in, so it is easily integrated into existing Systopia core solutions. One of the major advantages is this eliminates the need to input item data in two places, as it simply draws from the data on the existing system, saving hours and hours of administration. It also allows for barcodes to be automatically assigned to each item; something which is usually a separate function.

There is also the option for custom label design and branding, as well as batched print runs that can be completed at quieter times of the day. For example, while closing down operations for the day, a batched print run can be queued up so the labels are printed and ready for the morning.

And as simple as it sounds, it can also have a significant impact on how social distancing can be adhered to in the new post-pandemic environment we’ll all find ourselves in. Barcoded labels allow consumers to pick up the item they want, go to a self-service check-out, scan it and pay for it without having any human-to-human contact.

It even allows consumers to take it a step further, and avoid check-out points all together by using the Scan & Go function available via our mySYSTOPIA mobile app. With this, users can choose their food options, simply scan the barcode and payment is then automatically taken from their account. They have completed the entire transaction all from their mobile phone.

This not only helps with social distancing measures implemented, but it reduces queue lengths and also means businesses can offer a 24/7 service. Even when outlets have closed for the day, employees can still access food and beverages on a self-service basis and pay via our Scan & Go mobile app.

We’ve had quite a few businesses approach us to discuss how they can not only adapt to the new environment, but how they can do so without significantly impacting their labor. Options such as our Label and Barcode Management System are one piece of this post-pandemic puzzle.

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