Life pre-pandemic was already moving away from cash payments and more towards the mobile wallet market. With an emphasis on social distancing and increased hygiene measures post-pandemic, the market is likely to accelerate even further.

It’s safe to say that all of us are going to be more conscious of preventing unnecessary passing of money from person-to-person or touching self-service kiosk screens – instead favoring quick and easy methods which enable us to have minimal contact.

One of the technology innovations that is gaining popularity amongst businesses who are considering how to operate post-pandemic is the Scan & Go mobile service, which enables items to be paid for by scanning the barcode with a smartphone camera and paying through your mobile wallet – all via an app.

It’s something we’ve offered on our mySYSTOPIA app previously for self-service. But since we’ve all had to consider different ways of operating once we’re out of lockdown, we’ve had a large number of inquiries from businesses and organizations in B&I and financial services which see it as a viable option for their on-site cafe operations to get back up and running.

Available for iOS and android smart devices, the app allows users to add a credit or debit card to their personal account, giving them full control over purchases. They can then choose their food options and completely avoid a point of sale by simply scanning the item barcode – – the payment will automatically be taken from their account. They can also easily see their transaction history via the app, helpful for keeping track of their purchases.

This not only helps with regard to social distancing measures implemented within the food and beverage  areas, but it reduces queue lengths and also means businesses can offer a 24/7 service. Even when outlets have closed for the day, employees can still access food and beverages on a self-service basis and pay via our Scan & Go mobile app.

The world post-pandemic is most certainly going to be different from the one we left – for a while at least. But that doesn’t mean we can’t operate. It doesn’t mean we can’t start building our businesses again. It just means we have to build in a slightly different direction. It’s a case of adapting our environment and embracing the technology.

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