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The connected workplace

Many organizations engage multiple generations across their workforce and are committed to promoting health and well-being in order to realize improved productivity, innovation and output; technology plays a vital role in attracting these behaviors:

On-site facilities in the workplace are inextricably associated with employee benefits and must be relevant, convenient, fast and focused on providing an exceptional environment in order for your employees to thrive.

At Systopia, we have the technology, insight and expertise to provide a connected workplace that delivers choice and quality of service along with the speed and convenience sought. Our mission – to ensure that your customers receive the best possible on-site services experience through reliable, secure yet flexible solutions that also support your business goals. Our market-leading ordering and payment initiatives personalize how, where and when your customers can order and pay for their food and beverages while also providing your teams with valuable data about your customers’ preferences and behaviors.

Whether it’s the ability to welcome visitors with complimentary refreshments,  pre-order lunch for convenient pickup or delivery, enjoy barista style drinks and snacks served during meetings, or impress important clients with discreet fine dining services; Systopia’s solution will create a seamless and positive experience that will encourage spontaneous sales and drive repeat customers.

Choose Systopia to support the growth of your business and enjoy unrivaled quality of service, innovation and technology without compromise.