With social distancing measures almost certain to be part of our everyday for the foreseeable future, and greater emphasis on how public dining areas can operate safely, how can on-site dining operations serve their people when they are given the green light to do so?

Just as restaurants have adapted their dine-in offering to takeaway services, it seems the corporate world will also turn to this approach: an online ordering service where orders from the cafe will be delivered directly to employee desks. Essentially, an in-house takeaway delivery service located right within the office.

The mySYSTOPIA app provides this functionality.

Available for iOS and android smart devices, the app allows users to pre-order food and pay online.  Multiple payment cards can be added to each customer’s personal account, giving them full control over their spending.

We’ve worked with many organizations across multiple sectors including B&I, Finance, and Leisure, to integrate the mySYSTOPIA app into their foodservice environments. Pre-pandemic, this was a popular option as it gave businesses a way to adapt their offering, bringing another revenue stream into the mix. Post-pandemic, it’s looking to be even more popular as businesses seek new ways of maintaining some level of social distancing and ensuring their employees feel they can return to the workplace in a way that feels safe.

Traditional dining areas may not look the same as they did for some time, but that doesn’t mean that foodservice operations have to remain completely stalled. We’ve all witnessed admirable innovations as a result of the pandemic, with communities rallying together to provide for each other and businesses pivoting to adapt to the new environment. Online ordering, food deliveries direct to desks and payments online are just that; innovations that make up our ‘next normal’.

To hear about the mySYSTOPIA app or how we can help you transform your business operation contact us at info@systopiainternational.com